About Depression

What Do I Do, I'm Feeling Depressed?
By Martin Novell, LMFT

We all get depressed, however when it lasts longer than we expect, what should we do?

We can try prayer; we've all prayed for mental health at one time or another. We've wished for happiness for others and ourselves, we weren't selfish with our happiness and were willing to share it, if we could only find it. But we couldn't.

Exercise, they claimed, would be the salvation for our unhappiness. If we could only drag ourselves to the gym, even a jog on the street would do, but we don't. Sometimes we are able to do it; and briefly it does feel good. It may not have lasted as long as we would like, but what the hell, once a week or once a month is better than nothing. So we tried.

But really now, what are you supposed to do to get rid of this depression? Sometimes, we all need a little help from people with whom we feel close. Sometimes talking to a friend or loved one is helpful. In fact, relationships are vital to us because isolation is the road to spiritual ruin. So we talk. Nevertheless, even family members, special loved ones, or friends can only take us so far at times.

Sometimes the tools and insights we need are not available from those we see the most often. What happens to us? The world continues to disappoint, loneliness grows, and habits that don't work for us become hard to stop or change. We feel more and more powerlessness. How can you change? What do you do? What choices can you make that would be a step in the right direction, and how do you know that you're making the right choice?

Try therapy. Because therapy concentrates on you – your concerns, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, relationships, and future. Through therapy you’ll find solutions that work for you, and your specific issues. You’ll find yourself seeing the world through your own eyes – rather than those of others (mother, father, spouse, family or friends). So lift the veil of discontent and confusion… become an expert on your own life and see, hear, feel, think and do what makes you happy.


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